Author: Chrysochoou, Maria

UCONN TAB proposal review now available

The UConn TAB team will provide reviews for the Project Narrative of EPA assessment, cleanup and Revolving Load Fund grant proposals that are due on December 1st, 2021. The turnaround time for review upon submission is a maximum of one week.

We provide two deadlines for the review process.

October 25h: this is the deadline to receive an in depth review of your proposal. In depth review will consist of comments on how your text addresses the EPA review rubric, and suggestions on how to address these comments, resources to use etc.

November 12th: a high level review will be provided if you submit your draft proposal between October 26th and November 12th. This review will consist of comments on how your text sufficiently addresses the EPA review rubric.

Reviews will be provided in a written format, as annotated document of your submitted text. You may also schedule a follow up call with the team member that conducted the review to walk you through the comments.

You may request the review using our submission form.


EJSCREEN Webinar October 27th

The UConn TAB is pleased to announce the first webinar offering supporting New England Communities to prepare successful EPA MARC grant proposals.

In this webinar, our team will provide a hands-on demonstration on how to use the EJ SCREEN tool to develop your narrative proposal. EJ SCREEN a mapping and screening tool developed by EPA to provide a nationally consistent data set and approach for combining environmental and demographic indicators. In this year’s EPA Brownfields Grant guidelines, it is suggested to utilize EJ SCREEN to help characterize target areas and identify threats to sensitive populations.

Live Q&A will be a portion of the webinar. The event will also be recorded and posted on our website.

Wednesday, October 27th, 1.00 – 2.00 pm

You may register here.