Month: February 2024

UConn TAB 2023 Annual Impact

UConn TAB 2023 Annual Impact

In 2023, UConn TAB made progress towards its mission of supporting New England communities in their efforts towards brownfield redevelopment. This past year, UConn TAB supported 166 communities across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Rhode Island through direct technical assistance and their Municipal Assistance Program(MAP). Services supported by both initiatives totaled 257 actions.

MAP is a project-based program that runs 3 times a year. Accepted municipalities are partnered with students from the UConn brownfields course. The students are overseen by a UConn TAB team member and work on projects such as grant support, brownfield inventories, site reuse assessments, record reviews, and data gap analysis. During the 2023 year, 41 entities participated in MAP: 12 in the Fall and 29 in the Spring and Summer.

One of the most popular and successful services provided by UConn TAB is the EPA brownfields grant review. During the FY24 request for proposals, UConn TAB reviewed 28 grant applications with 61% of these reviews supporting environmental justice communities. In the review process, participants receive templates, support in data collection, examples of past successful grants, proposal review, and submission assistance. While the FY24(2023) applicants are still waiting for news on their applications, the UConn TAB team had an 83% success rate during the FY23(2022) cycle.

Feedback from the recipients of our grant review resources found our resources to be “extremely useful”, with the most helpful being proposal review and data collection. Recipients also revealed that they felt “extremely knowledgeable” and “very prepared” with the EPA grant writing and application process after receiving our assistance. Similar positive feedback was seen from MAP participants, “The MAP program is a valuable asset to both the students and the towns it serves. Tangible results for all involved!”

All support provided by UConn TAB is completely free to communities, states, Tribal Nations, and other public entities. Send us an email to learn more!

To learn more about our Municipal Assistance Program and how to apply visit our website.