Contact Information

Bruce Hyde, the UConn TAB Community Liaison is your first point of contact. Send him an email at and set up a WebEx consultation session to ask your question and/or discuss your community’s need for a particular service.

Our Team


Marisa Chrysochoou, Ph.D.
Program Director
Professor and Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Connecticut

Portraits for UConn CEE department including some graduate students.

Nefeli Bompoti, Ph.D.
Program Manager
Assistant Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Connecticut


David Dickson, Ph.D.
Continuing Education Coordinator
Interim Director, Center for Land Use Education and Research
University of Connecticut


Rupal Parekh, Ph.D.
Community Engagement Coordinator
Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
University of Connecticut


Sara Wakai, Ph.D.
Public Health Expert
Assistant Professor
Center for Population Health
University of Connecticut


Bruce Hyde
Community Liaison
Land Use Academy Director
Center for Land Use Education and Research
University of Connecticut

Randi Mendes, Ph.D.
Community Liaison
Civil & Environmental Engineering
University of Connecticut

UConn TAB services

Our team provides free-of-charge technical assistance to municipalities, regional councils, redevelopment agencies, state and tribes, and non-profits on the following activities.

The list of services together with the average response time is summarized in the short video and listed below:

Direct Technical Assistance

  1. Reviews of technical documents:
  1. Sharing of resources including templates (i.e., RFPs for procurement, site-specific determination forms, ABCAs), fact sheets, and example proposals (3 days)
  2. Assistance on navigating financing options for brownfields (3 days)
  3. Assistance on state programs and regulatory requirements (3 days)

Municipal Assistance Program (MAP)

The MAP program provides assistance to participating communities through the activities of the service-learning Brownfields Redevelopment courses at UConn. The number of selected communities is based on the number of students enrolled in the courses. Disadvantaged communities will receive priority.

The MAP opens a Request for Proposals (RFPs) biannually:

  • In June, for consideration in the Fall semester. Services supported include research for EPA brownfield grant proposals.
  • In November, for consideration in the Spring semester. Services supported include development of brownfields inventories, data collection for brownfields sites, technical document reviews, and evaluation of redevelopment options.

Continuing Education Program

A series of workshops, webinars, and short courses will be offered through on brownfield related topics such as community engagement, health impacts of brownfield sites, integrated approaches to brownfield cleanup and redevelopment including science and technology of assessment and remediation, stormwater management, green energy, the PREPARED Workbook, and others. Additional subjects will include financing options for brownfields, land banks, and New England brownfield state programs. Workshop information will be available in our website.

Community Engagement Workshops (4 weeks)

The community engagement activities will include designing and assisting with conducting community engagement workshops using an intergenerational approach.